Our manufacturing program traditionally focuses on the production of steel structures, machinery and machine parts, and technological units and equipment.

We have many years of experience

The main outlet is for energy, cement mills, the chemical and petrochemical industry, ecology, and the food industry.

We have many years of experience in these areas; we only employ personnel with experience in the field, and we ensure their further improvement and increase their qualification.

We own a number of licenses and certifications not only for the Czech Republic, but also abroad, where we export about 90% of our products; these are mostly EU countries, but there are also some countries that are more distant - South Korea, Japan, Australia, ...

project manager

Every customer is very important to us, therefore each project has its own project manager who oversees its realization, to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the course of the project - completeness, quality, and meeting deadlines.

The project manager is linguistically and technically equipped. For the implementation of projects we are equipped with advanced technology from the design department (3D cad soft) from the preparation of the material, its processing and welding, coating, to the packaging and transport to the customer.

We are constantly perfecting ourselves, and we want to offer you increasingly better products.

Products and services

Our company offers the following services and products in the field of engineering:

  • Engineering detail - project design, structural analysis, manufacturing documentation (3D Solidworks)
  • Production of the products listed below
  • Product finishes - painting, galvanizing, and hot-dip galvanizing
  • Control assembly including the casting of technology elements
  • Export packing, including certification
  • Transportation across the world

Our products include:

  • Steel structures and buildings - halls, platforms
  • Acoustic covers and dampers
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Technological pipes for the distribution of air and flue gases
  • Steel chimneys
  • Machinery and parts


The production of welded parts takes place in the factory hall with an area of 3,000 m2, with due machinery equipment.
The production capacity is about 120 - 180 tons of steel structures per month, depending on the nature of the structure.

Design office – static design, 3D design - Solidworks, production documentation

Machining - machining of mechanical parts and weldments - turning and milling

Finishes - painting, galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing

  • For cutting the material we use NC and CNC sawmills with a max cut width of 600mm
  • For cutting sheet metal we use the CNC cutting machine Plasma/autogenic - 2x6 m
  • For high quality sheet metal cutting we are equipped with the fiber laser 3kW - 1.5x3
  • We shape sheet metal on a the press brake DURMA - 4 meters /300 tons
  • Bending sheet metal of a max. width of 2,000 mm and thickness of 12 mm
  • Turning parts with a max. diameter of 600 mm and length of 3m
  • Milling - vertical and horizontal milling of a piece of a max. size of 1x3m
  • Turning parts with a max. diameter of 600 mm and length of 3m
  • For welding we use synergistic welding equipment with max 500A - Puls
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Business premises:

Nasy Industrial services s.r.o.
Blatecká 3344
276 01 Mělník
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 312 310 111
Email: info@nasy.cz


Nasy Industrial services s.r.o.
Kaprova 42/14
110 00 Praha
Czech Republic